Simi Valley LA Madera Lysander Avenues Sewer Improvements Project 2007-2009
Camarillo Effluent Pipeline Project 2007-2008
Camarillo CMOM Citywide Sewer Improvements 2005-2009
Castaic Lake Water Agency 2005-2006
Cater Water Treatment - Ondeo Degremont 2005
CSUCI - CA State University Channel Islands 2004
Camarillo Sanitary District 2002
DSRSD - Dublin San Ramon Services District 2001
Camrosa Water District 2000
PCA Surety Projects
Camarillo/Camrosa Sewer Project 1999
City of Anaheim 1999
San Bernardino WWTF 1999
City of Exeter 1999
San Luis Obispo 1997
City of Reedley 1995
City of Exeter 1995
City of Visalia 1994
A general description of our representative projects can be accessed via the links below. For more information on these, and other projects we have completed, please contact us.