Engineering Design:

Design of wastewater treatment facilities.
Design of pump stations.
Design of sewer lines and forcemains.
Design of recycled water systems.
Preparation of project plans and specifications.
Preparation of Project Bid Documents.

Project Management:

Administration of project contract.
Provide Contractor background check.
Monitor construction schedule, work sequence and budget.
CPM project scheduling.
Partnering workshops.
Field and shop assembly inspection.
Document control systems.
Claims mitigation/resolution.
Identify potential site safety problems.
Provide contract change order (CCO) control and negotiation.
Process requests for information (RFI's) and requests for proposals (RFP's).
Uncover potential construction claims.
Provide claim avoidance procedures.
Process Contractor partial payment requests (PPE's).
Real-time, Internet web-based project management systems.
Community public relations.

Construction Services:

On-site resident project representation and inspection.
Provide physical field inspection of structures and pipelines during construction.
Provide quality review of construction materials and methods.
Coordinate geotechnical and materials testing laboratories and sub-consultants.
Certified Concrete Inspectors for:
  • ACI 318 (Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete) and
  • ACI 350 (Code Requirements for Environmental Engineering Concrete Structures and Seismic Design of Liquid-Containing Concrete Structures).

Certified Welding Inspectors for:

  • Pipelines
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Structural Storage Tanks

Value Engineering:

Cost-value analysis.
Claims reduction reviews.
Constructability/ Bid-ability review.

Pre-bid Construction Review:

Pre-bid analysis of contract drawings and specifications for inconsistencies.

Submittal/Shop Drawing Reviews:

Review of contract submittals in accordance with project specifications.
Coordinate review by structural, geotechnical, mechanical, process, electrical and instrumentation disciplines.
Computerized tracking of submittals.

Construction Cost Estimating:

Preparation of Construction Cost Estimates.

Post Completion:

Plant start-up and process implementation.
Preparation of Plant Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manuals.
Warranty Period Monitoring.
As-Built Record Drawings.
Electronic Project Archiving.

Compliance Reports:

DHS Reports.
SWPPP Reports
NPDES Reports.

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